Yes. By submitting a photo, logo or graphic to Graphic Centre Signs, you certify that you are legally authorized to do so and Graphic Centre Signs is not liable for any suit, claim or demand arising from your reproduction or use of this material.

FOR REAL ESTATE SIGNS: Please note that, in addition to the rules set by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission, some companies have Brand Identity Graphic Standards. We work closely with local brokers to ensure that our standard templates are in compliance with both the law and brand standards, however Graphic Centre Signs cannot be responsible for assuring compliance with the ever-changing rules of the LREC, nor the Brand Standards of real estate companies. It is the agent’s responsibility to ensure the correct signs are ordered and all proofs are in compliance with Brand and LREC requirements.

Also, any changes made to existing templates, however small, may result in your sign violating local law or brand identity standards. We suggest speaking with your broker before requesting changes to your real estate signs, and sharing the sign proof with your broker before giving Graphic Centre Signs print approval.

Graphic Centre Signs is not liable for any fines, suit, claim or demand arising from signage that may violate local laws or brand identity standards.

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