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What type of files do you accept?


PHOTOGRAPHS: Please send full size (do not crop), print-ready, high resolution jpg (or png if the background is removed and transparent) photo files at minimum 300dpi.  We will notify you if your photograph is not acceptable for print.


LOGOS/GRAPHICS: We accept print-ready vector files in an ai or eps format.  If you do not have your artwork in one of these file formats, please contact the graphic designer that created your logo.  If that’s not possible, please send the largest, highest quality file that you do have and we will contact you if it’s not acceptable for print.


A note about the most common issue we see with logo files:


Please note that Photoshop may be the gold standard in photo editing, however it should NEVER be used for creating logos.  For all of it’s strengths in photo editing (and some might argue for its use in web design), Photoshop is a raster based program with countless limitations when used to create a logo.  Your logo should never be created in a file limited by pixels and resolution.  Logos should always be created as vector files – fully scalable graphics that retain the exact same quality, color and crispness at 2 inches high as they would at 200 feet high.


Please see the informative graphic below for a simplified visual explanation of raster vs vector based files.



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